How far can you travel ?

Oalley is an interactive map to vizualise how far you can travel in any amount of time.
Oalley uses the speed for each road type (highways, city, country roads) to compute and draw a travel area.
Any point inside this area can be reached in the specified amount of time or less.
The contour of such area is also called an "isochrone".


This simple example shows how far you can travel from Toulouse in 2 hours.

Two hours from Toulouse

Useful to schedule your trip !

There are many ways to use Oalley. Your friends are scattered arround the country? Use Oalley to find the ideal place to meet:

Where to meet your friends

How does it work?

Oalley is very simple to use. Enter first the starting point address:

Start address: Rennes

Then, enter the maximum travel time:


Finally, click the compute button. Oalley is computing the isochrone for you:

  Global view

If you add a new address, it is automatically added to the table:

Every new address is automatically added to the table.

Let's schedule your trip:


Only in France
Address Mode Date /km Col. Del.

To compute travel time from all the starting addres you just need to do a right click on the map on the desired destination.

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